Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Why You Need The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer
Continuing the quest for fresh, radiant skin that started with this buy, led me to purchase the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer. Another wow product from Tom Ford.  I adore this.

Stunning, elegant signature Tom Ford packaging.  The product is housed in a double walled, pearlised bottle and it has a clever lock mechanism that means it is perfect for on the go or travelling.  It also means that the product is kept secure and sanitary.  Unlike the original, this no longer has SPF 12 but I use a separate SPF 50 anyway.  It has an eye watering €64 price tag in Brown Thomas but you get a generous amount of product.  

I received a sample of this when I bought a lipstick (the shade First Time!  Review coming shortly!) recently.  I used it every single day for a week and then went out and purchased the full size.  Other reviews describe it has having, let's say an unique scent.  I honestly hadn't noticed and only for the purpose of this post went and pumped some onto the back of my hand to smell it!!!  Unless you are very sensitive to fragrances, I don't think this would be an issue.  It dissipates quickly and doesn't linger on the skin. 

Now on to the product itself.  It isn't shimmery , it imparts a beautiful, iridescent, illuminating glow.  A little of this provides a smooth, even canvas for makeup.  Silky formula feels light and hydrating on the skin.  I apply a tiny amount after skincare before my base.  My skin errs on the oily side and I read lots of reviews that said that this doesn't work with oily skin.  That my face would be a shiney mess come midday but I ignored them and bought it anyway.  I've found this is the perfect accompaniment to my more matte finish foundation and gives that elusive natural, dewiness rather than full on shine.  A fresh, luminous finish - think sheen rather than shine!  Most importantly for me, I haven't experienced any breakouts since using this.

Those with drier skins might find that it prolongs their foundation.  It's mineral oil and silicone free and I think this is why it works with my skin type.  I'm simply obsessed with the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer. Another can't quite open the box and use it quick enough product! 


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