Fighting Frizz with Ouai Finishing Crème

Monday, 6 February 2017

Ouai Finishing Creme Review
I'm a huge fan of Ouai products.  I've been using the Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner for a few months now and have been loving the results so it's no surprise that I've been equally impressed with the Ouai Finishing Crème

Cold weather, central heating, Dublin's drizzle-y rain can play havoc with my hair.  This lightweight lotion is designed to work like a hand cream for the hair.  It smooths unruly strands and defrizzes unlike anything I've used before.  Tames baby hairs and fights fly aways without flattening roots.  I have thick, coloured, collar bone length hair.  I apply a small amount to dry hair or when my hair is roughly 90% dry.  Rubbed between palms and worked through the mid lengths to ends.  It reduces frizz, hydrates and protects against heat damage.  Relaxed, effortlessly undone hair is only a pea sized about of this product away.  Light texture and subtle shape and separation and the wizardry doesn't stop there!  This imparts some serious super soft shine!  All without any heaviness or leaving hair limp with a greasy residue behind.  Formulated without any nasty ingredients.  The results are fuss free and like all Ouai products, this smells glorious.  

It has Ouai's delicate signature floral scent that lingers throughout the day.  For something that can be purchased from Space NK or Cult Beauty here, I thought that this would be more expensive than it was. If I recall correctly, the Ouai Finishing Crème  is around the €24 mark.  Holding its own among the luxe likes of Oribe.


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