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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Louis Vuitton Coin Purse
I'm definitely more COS than couture but when I think of the amount of money I wasted/spent on high street things over the years *shudders*.  I wish I had invested in timeless, classic, investment pieces, the whole buy less but buy better thing so today I thought I'd do the luxury addict tag that I've seen go around!

1. What was your first designer piece?  My very first designer piece was a Miu Miu purse.  I purchased it years ago, on sale!  You can see it on my Insta' here.  Even though the hardware had tarnished and the leather had worn, I still loved it and used up until last year.

2. What do you consider your best investment? Without a doubt my Saint Laurent Shopper Tote.  Cost per wear, this bag was peanuts.  It has practically paid for itself.  I use it daily for work, definitely my best investment purchase.

3. What is your criteria when looking to buy a piece? It has to fit my lifestyle.  I love, love, love the YSL/Saint Laurent blogger bag but I know that it's just too small for me and I wouldn't use it enough to justify buying it.  *It's so pretty though!  Insert ALL of the heart eye emojis*

4. What has been your stupidest/most regrettable purchase? I wouldn't call it a stupid/regrettable purchase but I wish I took more time to think before buying the Alexander Wang Rocco bag.  With the studs covering the base and the fact that I'm an everything plus the kitchen sink kinda girl, it was just too heavy and impractical for me!  

5. If you have sold any of your luxury goods, have you ever had sellers regret? I sold the above mentioned Alexander Wang bag before long but thankfully, no sellers regret!

6. What is a piece that you think everyone needs/should have? Okay, so no one needs a designer piece but I think if you're looking to invest, start with SLGs.  I love my Louis Vuitton coin purse and use it daily.  Or perhaps look to buy a card holder!  

7. What is a piece that you think is over-hyped? I would have said the Gucci Double G Interlocking Belt as seen on every fashion blogger but then I gave into the hype... I never met a bandwagon, I didn't like ;)

8. What is next on your wish list? A Gucci Soho Leather Disco bag!  Is it true that they are being discontinued?  I hope to purchase early next year but haven't decided whether to go for the beige or black...


  1. I had the Disco in Champagne and sold it because I Babied it too much. I'd buy the black if I'd ti but it again. Siobhan xx


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