Sleepy Sundays

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Lazy Sunday

Sundays are usually spent catching up with family.  Long lunches and quality time with my nieces and nephews but sometimes a lazy day with no plans is called for.  The most perfect relaxing Sunday looks a lot like this:  

  • Wake up at a leisurely hour.  Unlike week days, there is no alarm set for 6am!  Although our alarm clock has four legs and a tail and I'm often woken by a admittedly gentle, paw to the face!
  • Coffee.  So much bleary eyed love for almond milk coffee.  Breakfast, I've been loving quinoa cereal or eggs at the weekend.  Although, while they might taste good, my poached eggs need some practice before they are ready for their Insta' debut!
  • Have a long shower (we recently got rid of the bath! *Sobs*) and give my skin some much needed TLC.  I'm still seeing great results with the Foreo.  I love this Clarins mask.  It has been saving my skin from the perils of Winter weather.  I love the almost mousse like texture of this mask.  It soothes my skin leaving it looking and feeling nourished and calm.
  • Towards the evening I curl up on the couch with a mug of peppermint tea and catch up on reading. Whether it is blogs, glossy magazines or the stack of books by my bed.

No Sunday Night Fear around here!  Come at me, Monday!


  1. This sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! I also like to have a pamper with a good facemask and read magazines- I hardly ever find the time to during the week.



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