Foreo Luna Go

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Foreo Luna Go
Recently an email popped (technical term!) into my mailbox which made me squeal with happiness! And admittedly garnered a few strange looks and raised eyebrows from fellow customers of the coffee shop I had set up office in for the day.  Oops.  Sorry about that but I've been incredibly lucky enough to trial the Foreo Luna Go for Sensitive Skin for the last few weeks and my skin and I have been loving it!

See skin, this totally makes amends for all the times I continued to use other cleansing brushes that aggravated my oily, acne prone yet sensitive skin.  Honestly, I used another cleansing device for so long thinking that my skin needed to get worse before it got better. Thinking it was just "purging" my skin. No it wasn't.  I was worsening it and my skin was begging me to stop.  I did and I'm so thankful for Foreo.

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate how cute this is?  Portable and aesthetically pleasing too no?  Fully rechargeable, it holds its charge for up to 30 uses.  Dual sided, one side for deep cleansing, while the other helps to promote circulation.  You are left with gently, yet thoroughly cleansed skin, primed for absorption of the rest of your skincare routine.  A dream to use, I apply my favourite Omorovicza cleanser to my skin, wet the Luna Go and for one minute gently glide it over my face in circular motions.  I rinse and dry my face and flip to the other side for anti ageing, press this over wrinkle prone areas for one minute.   

Easy to clean too, no faffing around with or repurchasing of separate brush heads required. Thanks to the Foreo Luna Go for Sensitive Skin, I've started to see an improvement in the texture of my skin and redness has significantly reduced.  Luminous, radiant skin?  Yes, please!

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  1. I went through what I thought was a "purging" phase when I used a Clarisonic but I had to give up on it because it was just too painful and it took a long time for my skin to heal after that, which made me very cautious about using anything similar. Having said that, I would LOVE to try a Foreo, even more so after reading this xx



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