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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The White Company PJs
You know you're getting old when you close the Topshop tab and forget the velvet dress and heels in your basket and instead order from The White Company. And no, not just any online order.  Not for their candles which I love but for Winter warmers.  Yep, cementing my Grandma status right there...

I'm not normally one for pyjama days but sometimes you just want something nicer and want to be warm and cosy, you know?  I was originally on the hunt for some cashmere socks but when M&S were out of stock, I turned to the White Company and picked up this pair of incredibly soft, light dove grey ones.  I'm ruined.  I don't think I can wear regular socks ever again!  Who knew that I was doing bed socks all wrong!  After my raving of them, my sisters have since ordered some too!

Then, I think I had some skewed I know, I'll order something else for the free P&P idea because a pair of their Star Print Flannel Pyjamas made their way into my basket where I promptly proceeded to checkout.  Grey again, of course!  But this cotton set is just too pretty and also feel heavenly soft.  I think these would make a great Christmas (self?) gift.  Who doesn't love pjs?

Snug, warm, cosy!  Oh my, is it bed time yet?


  1. V tempted by the cashmere socks!

  2. They look fab and I know how soft the White Company stuff is - good job! Siobhan xx


  3. I am borderline obsessed with White Company pyjamas and now I feel as though I need the socks too!

    Lis x

  4. what I would give to snuggle up in these :)


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