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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Biologique Recherché Lotion p50 Review
Time and time again, the most commonly used search key words for my website are Biologique Rechercheé.  I've used this brand religiously for over two years now and have featured several of their products in numerous blog posts in the past but today I thought I'd bring you a detailed post on my current go-to products.  While I'm always changing it up and trying new products.  There are some from BR that I am extremely loyal to.  To set the scene, my skin is combination, leaning to oily during the warmer months.  Things can get spotty if I'm stressed or hormonal and to make things more challenging, now that I'm in my 30s, I have to think of anti ageing no just anti acne!  Hurrah! 

The first that I'm fiercely loyal to is the Biologique Recherché Lotion P50.  Like all good skincare products, I first heard about it from Caroline Hiron's site.  I legit start to panic if this runs low.  I honestly could not be without it.  If my skin is on the oily side I use the original p50 but when it is drier I use the p50V which is for dry or sensitive skin.  I use this balancing exfoliating toner in place of any manual scrubs or exfoliator.  This keeps my skin smooth and clear and keeps congestion and blemishes at bay.  I apply this to a cotton pad and sweep this over my face twice a day.  I prefer to use a chemical exfoliant on my skin.  This sloughs dead skin cells, leaving smoother, clearer and baby soft skin.  Other lotions have come and gone but this remains a constant staple in my skincare stash.

When I last repurchased the lotion P50, I also ended up buying two masks.  First the Biologique Recherché Masque Vivant  This is a balancing face mask that contains yeast and clay to purify but also has exfoliating benefits from the addition of lactic acid which is the key ingredient of the cult lotion P50.  This mask also contains soothing and calming cucumber and glycerin.  Thankfully it works and works well because it smells like Marmite. (Sorry, Marmite fans!) and has a thick texture and is brown in colour.  Nice.  In conjunction with the above, I use the Biologique Recherché Masque Vip 02 which is one I reach for when my skin is looking a bit "meh."  When it's feeling slightly sensitive and showing the signs of too many late nights spent up binge watching Fear the Walking Dead! I've been alternating the two masks and sometimes mixing a bit of both.  This is hydrating and revitalising and one I've been using when my skin needs a pick me up and something with a little more oompf!

So there you have it, complete HG products for me, that I cannot imagine not having in my skincare stash.  I buy my Biologique Recherché products from Vedas Beauty in Dun Laoghaire.


  1. I'd gotten a sample of the Masque Vivant last time I picked up my P50 lotion, it's so good. Smells like Vegemite and looks like it too, but the result is dreamy. I'm planning on picking up the full size soon!

    Dar |

  2. I've had P50 on my to buy list for ages, I'm going to take the plunge!


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