New In, Céline Sunglasses

Monday, 13 July 2015

Céline Sunglasses

Yes, I know another pair of sunglasses!  I'm becoming a little bit addicted!  Although, I think I've jinxed the weather as it's been more cloudy than sunny here ever since I bought them! While those Dior So Real sunglasses continue to haunt my dreams - sold out everywhere!  I need to be faster to the bandwagon!  And so I tried to fill the Dior shaped hole in my collection with the purchase of these ones the Céline Lucy style. 

I originally wanted the Audrey style but I have SO many pairs of dark, no makeup disguising, over sized sunglasses.  I found myself drawn to this lighter style with round tortoiseshell frames.  The warmer brown shade is perfect for Summer but I know I will continue to wear them into the Autumn too.  For a change, I like that they are not too huge or overly cat-eye.  I really love the shape of these and the dark grey/green tinted lenses are unusual.  They are just so chic!  

They have now taken over the top spot of new favourite accessory.  I'm ready now, just as soon as the sun decides to make an appearance...


  1. They're Fab! Well may you wear! Siobhan xx


  2. Love these! Tortoiseshell sunnies are my fave, timeless and effortless. Although, I'm definitely partial to black also x
    The Beauty Bloss


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