The White Company Wild Mint Candle

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The White Company Wild Mint Peppermint & White Tea Candle.
Cheating on my go-to Diptyque and Jo Malone candles but I recently ordered from The White Company and bought The White Company Wild Mint Peppermint & White Tea Candle.  I know I'm definitely a candle obsessive as you know from posts like this one but I bloomin' love it.  

I'm a long time browser of The White Company's website, everything just looks so nice. While I really want to buy some of their PJs/lounge wear next Winter, for my first order I just picked up a candle. I'm appallingly bad at describing such things but this smells divine. This is has such a nice scent.  It is fresh, uplifting and clean without being overpowering.   A revitalising fragrance, the perfect candle to burn during the day.  This is the candle equivalent of someone handing you a large cup of fresh strong coffee in the morning!  Its scent fills the room and lasts for a long time even after you have put it out. I'd be lying if I said that the beautiful packaging with the ceramic jar is not half of the appeal.  I know that this will make a nice make up brush holder when it is finished!

I cannot rave about The White Company Wild Mint Candle enough.  Well, I could but I won't bore you.  What can I say, Diptyque I never said we were exclusive...


  1. Michelle, it's so pretty! Siobhan xx

  2. I'm moving into a new flat soon, so I'm currently in the process of buying lots of nice, new home-wares. Candles make a space feel so much more homely and comforting and this scent sounds lovely for Summer. I think it may have to go on to my to-buy list!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty



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