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Monday, 11 May 2015

Nike Free 5.0 Trainers

You know how it goes by now, over sized COS top, skinny Topshop jeans and chunky boots is my go-to and has almost become my uniform. Another reason (besides my awkwardness) as to why I could never be a fashion blogger right there!!!) Recently, I've been adding more trainers to my collection.  If you can call the two pairs of battered Converse a collection...  The most recent being these pair of Nike Free 5.0

They may be runners/trainers but just for full disclosure, I'm not planning on doing any running or exercise in them!  Unless there is a sale in Space NK I may need to run to.  I might wear them to my pilates class.  What can I say, sometimes you just want to be comfy, you know?  I think these are perfect for dress down days and lazy weekends.  As I said above, typically, I stomp around in boots throughout Winter and then swap them for sandals in the Summer so I needed, oh okay then, wanted to fill the comfy, casual in-between footwear option shaped hole in my wardrobe.

Comfortable, throw on, go with everything.  I love em'!  I think the stripes and polka dots add a lil' somethin' somethin' and stop them looking too casual while of course being in my beloved monochrome.  I think these look fab with paired with skinny jeans turned up ever so slightly with some ankle on show.  I bought these from Life Style Sports.


  1. Your go to uniform sounds exactly like mine. Love these runners.x

  2. LOVE these!!!!!! I was eyeing them up the other day but I need another pair of trainers like I need a hole in the head! haha!

    Lis x


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