A Skincare Detox

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sunday Riley Artimes Oil

You may have noticed the distinct lack of "New Year, New You" type posts around these parts. More likely New Year, New In type hauls!  I'm in no position to be giving advise.  I'm currently dreaming of pizza and Dominos Two for Tuesday.  However, there's nothing I like more than some preening and pampering so I thought it was time for a bit of a detox beauty style of course...

Nothing screams pamper sesh like a good old deep cleanse.  First up the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm which I repurchased recently.  It is almond oil based so works well at removing make up but is formulated without mineral oil, parabens and all the other nasties.  It leaves my skin clean and soft and prepped for the rest of my routine.  My skin is left feeling soft and hydrated while thoroughly cleansed, even after wearing heavy foundation.  A joy to use and a product that works, and works well.

Next to inject some much needed radiance back into my skin, I reach for the Nude Skincare Purify Deep Cleansing Mask.  Formulated with buriti seeds, which gently exfoliate.  Dead skin is sloughed away, it detoxes and leaves my skin feeling clean and super smooth.  I love that this is light in texture. It washes off with ease without any pulling or tugging of my skin.   I apply this onto cleansed, dry skin.   It dries down like a typical clay based mask but doesn't feel hard or uncomfortable or leave it feeling tight or dry.

Followed by the  Sunday Riley Artemis Oil.  I love everything I've tried from the brand and this is now exception.  This oil/serum hybrid has been helping to lighten the dark spot of pigmentation left from old acne scarring, has drastically reduced redness and works to keep my skin looking clear - think more dewy, less dreadful, glowy rather than oily.  he magic doesn't end there, all this, while controlling oil and keeping any lurking blemishes at bay. 


  1. Ohh these look like some lovely and luscious skincare products! ^ ^


    1. Such nice products when your skin needs a detox :)

  2. I really want to try something from Sunday Riley that oil sounds fab! Also I hear you with the Dominos!

    1. Ah you should, even see if you can pick up a sample to start! :)


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