Party Heels For The Non Heel Wearers

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It's not often that I'm priming and preening for a night on the town, I'm not even sure what the plan for tonight is but these are the boots I'll be wearing either with tights and a dress or jeans and a top as I'm not doing anything fancy schmancy. 

Say hello to the Dune Next Door Dressy Ankle Boot I decided to go for these so that I can last and maybe you know, see in the New Year, dance the night away if I want without hobbling awkwardly and walking in a Bambi-like fashion.  Never a good look!  These Dune boots are so comfortable and easy to walk in and because of the (admittedly not outrageously high) heel, they make my legs look longer and leaner are somewhat dressy compared to my usual ankle boots.

A classic black boot with an almond toe, a mid heel and a gold zip on the inside.  These are my new go-to for when I can't face tottering around in stilettos and don't want to wear strappy heels that require practice walking in unaided...

The best bit?  They are currently on sale on the Dune London website.


  1. Two days ago I bought some boots which look almost the same :) I will also wear them tonight, they look great in a nice dress but yet they are really comfortable to walk and dance for the whole night. Wish you a nice Eve!


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