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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Except for the odd embarrassingly gushing rave review on Oribe when I first discovered the brand, I feel like hair products don't get as much of a mention on the blog.   For me, it's skincare, then (neutral) nail polish, lipstick again mostly nudes, makeup and then maybe haircare if you ask me.  Which nobody did of course but haircare just doesn't make my heart sing like other things do! So I thought it was about time I penned a post on the some of the little hair helpers I've been loving;

To treat my not so much damaged but coloured and heat abused hair, after washing before blow drying I comb through some of the Kérastase Ciment Thermique which is a described as a heat activated defence cream for damaged hair.  I’d love to be able to let my hair air dry but it would still be wet after several hours and frizzy, very very frizzy!  

I alternate the Kérastase with the Oribe Balm d'Or Heat Styling Shield this leaves my mistreated hair feeling soft and more manageable.  I won't go on about it too much again because shocker, there's a post all about how amazing this is here but the magic doesn't end there, when I use this it is much easier to style my tresses and achieve shiny sleek strands. Like all products from the range, it smells incredible.

A new to me product is the Bumble and Bumble Bb Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme.  I picked this up when I ran out of texturising spray and this does the same job of giving my hair that lived it, tousled, un-done not fluffy in the slightest look.  Again, I apply a tiny amount of this through damp hair and this gives my 1st day hair, the appearance of my much better behaved and easier to control 2nd day hair!

I buy my Kérastase from hair Feel Unique and Oribe and Bumble from my happy place, Space NK. What are your HG hair products?


  1. I absolutely love Oribe, but I haven't even noticed their Heat Styling Shield before, so I'll definitely check that out next time I'm in Space NK! I adore the fragrance of their products, I'm half tempted to pick up one of their new fragrance launches.



    1. Oh I thought that was a rumour! I love the scent of their products :)

  2. Haven't tried Oribe either but I love the Keratase, I have the Chroma Thermique which works so well too.


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