THAT Chanel Eye Shadow Palette #2

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Oh Chanel, what are you doing to me, you get me every time.  I'm just not one for eye shadow.  I can appreciate it as much as the next girl but I don't absolutely love it.  (As you should, with a good eye shadow...)  It just doesn't make me happy the way say, a new satin lipstick or neutral nail polish would.  Truth be told, it was the beige/nude nail polish in the shade Secret that caught my eye from the Autumn collection and it was while buying that I saw the Chanel Les Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eye Shadow in #234 Po├ęsie.

All four shades have a mauve undertone and mostly shimmery finishes which being typically drawn to neutrals, I was a bit unsure of but I've been reaching for this palette daily.  These shades are beautiful, wearable colours.  Soft buttery in texture, with good colour pay off and highly blendable.  Lashings of black mascara and the rich chocolate brown are my go-to for a quick night time change.  I feel like this was made for lovers of no make up, make up looks like me.  As you would expect, the packaging is beautiful and it comes complete with a handy large mirror.  I love eye shadow palettes as they are so easy to use, for a novice like me, you already know that the shades will work well together!

When it's Chanel and it is limited edition, you make an exception!  This one had my name all over it.


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