Short(er) Hair Hero

Saturday, 15 November 2014

I really want short hair.  It used to be past my shoulders but I've been getting an inch or two off here and there and now it's at an awkward in between mid length but I would love to sport a long bob. While I'm working up the courage to go for the chop once and for all, I want to get my hair into better condition. Colour and constant abuse of heat styling tools have taken their toll and well, if I've going to have considerably less hair, I want it to be as healthy as possible so I've been trying to wean myself off using heat daily and use more treatments.

One such treatment that I have used and loved before, is the Philip Kinsley Elasticizer.  This is a rich white cream consistency that I comb through my hair at least once a week.  I have really thick hair but a little goes a long way.  I usually apply this overnight and then rinse it out and wash my hair as normal the following morning.  This has drastically improved the texture and condition of my hair. It is super nourishing and hydrating.  It reduces frizz makes my hair look and more importantly, feel silky soft and smooth.  If you have badly behaved hair, this is the treatment for you.  

Usually it's a job in itself to dry and then straighten my hair, this makes my mistreated hair much more manageable and less of a chore - with less sweat and tears!  I picked this up from M&S.


  1. I love this stuff too! Does wonders if you have long, over-processed hair (like me!)

    Lis x


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