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Monday, 27 October 2014

Today's post could not be more timely. Someone pass the coffee! It's Monday morning, I was up hideously early, zzz! My under eye circles have their own under eye circles.  One mornings like these, there are three products that I have been switching between and I reach for, to fake a fresh face and full 8 hours sleep:

When I need a little more ahem bag correcting than concealing and just a hint of radiance, I use the Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream This is a perfect mix of eye brightening, cover-up and added SPF treatment while still feeling feather light and barely there.  Those late nights can be our little secret...

On extremely dark and baggy days, you know, those mornings when I've been up way past my bed-time the night before binge watching episodes of Scandal, I reach for the Crème de la Mer The Radiant Concealer in 01 Light it provides a hefty dose of coverage without ever looking cake-y while still illuminating the eye area.  May this concealer and my peepers never be parted!  

For more targeted pinpoint correcting, whether it is reviving tired eyes, disguising any redness while adding a sheer wash of colour, I opt for the Tom Ford Correcting Pen in 01 Light with both a yellow and pink toned offering at each end which means that it works equally well on both blemishes and bags alike.


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