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Friday, 12 September 2014

I splurged on something other than skincare!  Shocking I know!  I rarely buy expensive sunglasses, preferring to pick up a pair from Penneys or Topshop for fear that I'd break or lose them but these had been on my wish list for ages so I'm glad I finally picked them up.  I have a pair of the aviators but this time I went for the RayBan Club Masters with gold detailing.

I love these as I think they are classic and timeless.  The simple black frame fits in with my mostly monochrome wardrobe and I think the gold makes them a little more interesting and just adds something to them.  I always love anything that has gold detail or hardware as I think it suits me better than silver.  Yes, I know Summer is over (your timing is impeccable Michelle!) but I'll wear these year after year and still wear them on those admittedly rare days we get some Winter sun.  (And other things I told myself when paying for them...)

Quite possibly my new favourite thing!  I picked these up from Brown Thomas.  Gotta love those loyalty points!


  1. LOVE these! I wish they would suit my big head, but I can never get them to work! I have classic wayfarers and they're awesome! x

  2. I've been trying on so many pairs of sunglasses this week and haven't been able to decide on what ones to go for! I've a pair of Raybans that are just the perfect addition to most outfits. Love your style which sadly don't suit me.


  3. Love the sunglasses


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