Neutral Nail Polish Collection

Friday, 29 August 2014

Because I never met a neutral nail shade I didn't like, here are my favourites!  The intervention won't work.  I'm just a neutral nail lovin' kinda gal.  Ahem.  While I am almost giddy with excitement to wear Chanel Rouge Noir nail polish again this Autumn and wear reds usually around Christmas, possibly even going wild and wearing a glitter (and immediately regretting it once it comes to removal) and I luurve lacquering up with orange toned reds in the Summer, more often that not it will be some nude/greige/beige/taupe that I'm sporting.  I'm just too emotionally invested in a nude nail.


  1. Ooh lovely collection! I just got a new polish by Sleek called Revolver, I think you'd like it!

    1. Ooh I've never considered trying Sleek for nail polish! Will have a look out for that one!

  2. We definitely have the same taste....I've got nearly all of these nail varnishes too! I love a good nude, but also getting very excited for berry tones! :)

    Lis xxx


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