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Monday, 7 July 2014

The last post on LLA was on the none neutral shades of lipstick I've been lovin'  Today's post is on the none nude polishes I've been preferring.  All bright, bold and stunning!  Shocking, I know!  What's going on?  

Chanel Le Vernis #307 Orange Fizz potentially knocking Holdiay off its post, a strong contender for my ultimate Summer shade.  It looks almost pink in the bottle but this is a creamy orange based, coral shade.  A Summer staple.

Chanel Le Vernis #647 Lilis another gorgeous Summer option. One I've been loving and lacquering on for weeks now.  A watermelon/pink hybrid.  This looks gorgeous on toes too!

Chanel Le Vernis #617 Holiday I can’t come up with any more adjectives to describe how much I love this.  A gorgeous orangey-red colour.  I’ve literally been applying this for weeks now.  It looks beautiful with a tan.  Summer in a bottle!

I apologise as they are all very similar Chanel offerings.  Do you think I have a type?  I must be the only person who doesn't think that the quality and formula of them is that bad.  And I've an utterly ridiculous number of them to prove it.  Should I be proud or ashamed?


  1. Lovely colours but the formula is so terrible for me. It's lucky they work for you - be proud! x

  2. Proud! :) I feel exactly the same way about Chanel polishes, I really like them :) and I have nearly all these I need Lilis :)

    Lis x


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