The Non Nudes

Sunday, 1 June 2014

I've recently had a clear out and came to the realisation that honestly, I could get by with maybe three nail polish shades! A dark berry for Winter, an orange-red for Summer and a nude for every other day. (Chanel's Rouge Noir, Holiday and Frenzy in case you were wondering!) But I've but the neutrals on hold and here are the hues that made the cull:

Essie Mint Candy Apple probably one of Essie's most blogged about offerings. I spent weeks scouring the aisles of Boots for this shade. A blue toned mint and one that is stunning when the Sun decides to make an appearance. 

While trying to fill the Mint Candy Apple shaped hole in heart nail polish stash, I picked up Dior Vernis 504 Waterlily this is a truer green with an understated shimmer. This supposedly has a rose scent but I can't detect this at all and it would be masked by the topcoat but rose scents aside, j'adore! (Sorry.) 

The infamous Essie Lilacism is one I have been applying and reapplying for weeks now. Two coats and it’s opaque, application is good thanks to the new wider diffusion line brushes and longevity is pretty darn good too. 

Essie Ballet Slippers fits the creamy milky sheer pink bill.  

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 569 Emprise a polish picked for the pastel orange tone, a gorgeous shade, I opt for this when I’m not brave enough for Essie Tart Deco! Lastly, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 535 May a pretty baby pink toned shade. This is not the sort of colour I would choose AT ALL but I bloomin’ love this! Application is great, it could have applied itself.

Sometimes, just sometimes I like to go a little wild and inject some colour.  If only to my nails...


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