The Skincare #43: Chanel No. 5 Body Lotion

Saturday, 25 January 2014

I've mentioned it oh I don't know, 34257 times but I'm useless when it comes to applying body cream. By useless, read lazy!  I'm skincare obsessed and quite strict with my morning and evening skincare routines but when it comes to moisturising my body, I often fall down - majorly!  

One way to combat that I figured, is to pimp out my body lotion and I'm doing that with Chanel No. 5 Body Lotion.  How can I skip applying body cream after my bath or shower when I've something this bloomin' nice (and expensive) to use?  I don't wear the fragrance as I'm loyal to my Tom Ford and this seems a little too grown up for me (and reminds me of my Mum) but the lotion has gorgeous subtle scent.

This is light textured so sinks into the skin and is easily absorbed.  No greasiness or tacky texture or waiting for it to sink in before you can get dressed or you know, just put on your PJs...  As it is a lotion rather than a rich cream it isn't the most intense moisturising options but it hydrates and leaves my skin silky smooth and the luxurious scent lingers.

Fast becoming my favourite post bath-time treat, I look forward to using this - body moisturising just got pimped!


  1. I can't stand Chanel fragrances! I think they smell like grandmas lol I'm also really lazy with my body moisturising but I don't think pimping out my body lotion will solve that, that's how lazy I am! It sounds nice though! There's nothing worse than feeling greasy after moisturising. Nice post :)

    Cat x | LilacGhosts

    1. I'm trying everything at this stage, so lazy when it comes to things like that :)


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