The Skincare #40: Biologique Recherche Creme Dermopurifiante

Friday, 27 December 2013

I'm Michelle and I'm a skincare addict.  Perhaps putting it in writing is the first step to recovery... While I have quite the skincare stash (I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed) one thing lacking from my routine was a day cream.  Not exactly missing as I own a bevy of moisturisers but I never really found The One

Vying for that title is the latest addition to my complexion collection Biologique Recherche Creme Dermopurifante.  You'll all know from my raving in this post and sporadic gushing tweets and instagram posts, how much I love the Biologique Recherche P50 lotion so I really wanted to try more from their line.  This purifying face cream is designed for combination/oily skins.  While it looks almost like a rich butter, it has a super light texture and is light enough to use under makeup during the day. It absorbs easily into the skin and gives a shine free finish, yet it still adds moisture and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight.  If you are very sensitive to fragrances, this may not be the one for you as it has an almost herbal scent.

This is definitely helping with my dehydrated skin woes.  Not the easiest of brands to get a hold of, Biologique Recherche is available from Sanctum Clinic in Dublin 2 - a bit pricey but you only need the smallest amount and I can see this lasting me a few more months!


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