The Nail File #26: Which Nude Nail?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Oh look, a post in which I'm not banging on about that Dior BB Cream for once!  I was having a bit of a clear out the other day (I'm currently in home decor, everything crammed into one room hell) and going through my utterly ridiculous nail polish collection, I realised that if I could only own one it would be a nude one.  *Note, one shade not god forbid only one nail polish...

Much loved but not often mention on LLA is the palest of the trio Butter London Cuppa this is one I regularly lacquer up with for work.  Ideal for when I want to pretend I'm a chic, put-together kinda gal.  Easy to wear and flattering on all skin tones.  I do need a few layers to reach the opaqueness that I like but it's worth the effort as it is such a beaut.

When I want a high-shine, glass-like finish I reach for Topshop Threadbare which has a hint of taupe but is still on the beige side of things.  This has such a smooth application and has great longevity for the price.  I'm loving Topshop's lipsticks and nail polishes, I really want to try more of their makeup.

Now I couldn't pen a post about subtle hued tones without including Chanel Frenzy mentioned countless times but I never miss an opportunity to rave about it again!  I know some people question the lasting power of Chanel offerings but I personally don't find them too bad.  The darkest of the bunch and warm enough not to give mannequin hands, I LOVE this shade.  

As it gets cooler, I'm excited to wear more reds and berry colours but for now, I'm full embracing the nudes.  Oo-er.


  1. There's a barry m nude shade I had my eye on in town yesterday, must pick it up!

  2. It's an interesting choice of brands and while the shades are all very similar at least on me Butter London and Top Shop wear 10 times better than Chanel which starts to chip after only a few hrs. From that point of view it's not worth the money for me. Xx

    1. I know they've a bad rep. but I don't find them too bad at all :)

  3. Love the Butter London one! I have one really similar from nails inc :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  4. Pretty picks! I love this kind of shade too.


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