The Skincare #23: Nude Skincare Purify Cleansing Wash

Thursday, 27 June 2013

As much as I'm obsessed with makeup, my heart lies with skincare.  In an ideal world I'd have amazingly clear skin so I wouldn't need as much makeup.  In an ideal world, I'd also have Olivia Palermo's wardrobe, be married to Ryan Gosling and own a unicorn...

The latest purchase in my eternal quest for that elusive better skin is in the form of Nude Skincare Purify Cleansing Wash.  I was drawn to the word purify as my skin is definitely on the oily side.  This removes makeup well and deep cleans without stripping the skin of natural oils and doesn't leave it tight or dry in the slightest.  This is important to me as if a cleanser is too harsh, my skin retaliates and just becomes oilier!  It's nice like that.

A natural product without the usual nasties parabens, sulfates etc.  This smells fresh and is lovely to use.  It is almost creamy, milky texture and feels really nice and leaves skin feeling comfortable afterwards.  I picked this up for €24 from Space NK.  I'm loving this and it has made me want to try more from the line.  If anyone uses Nude Skincare, please let me know?


  1. I've wanted to try this for ages, my skin has been getting oilier every day and I've heard it's really good for not stripping it but helping it feel all clean and fresh! xx

    1. Even see if you can pick up a sample. It's gentle in that it doesn't leave the skin feeling stripped or too dry but still thoroughly cleansed if that makes sense :)

  2. just followed you on blogger and bloglovin! love your blog, great reviews xx


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