The Skincare #22: The Toner Trials

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Long gone are the days when I would use a harsh scrub on my face!  I hold them culpable for increased redness and exacerbating my oily skin.  (Self diagnosis at its finest…)  That’s not to say I don’t exfoliate, I just prefer mine in chemical rather than abrasive form.

The trio currently in rotation are;

The HG - Biologique Recherche P50 it kills me to say it as it’s shockingly expensive and there are only two stockists in Dublin but with all my skincare buying (read stockpiling) this has made the biggest difference to my skin!  I discovered it from Caroline Hirons website, raved about in this post and I’m now on my second bottle.   This sloughs dead skin cells, leaving smoother, clearer and baby soft skin.  I fear what will happen, if I stop using this.

The one waiting in the wings - Clarins Gentle Exfoliator in anticipation for that bleak day when the P50 runs out and I don’t have a back up, I have been looking for an alternative.  AHA filled formula and another with Mrs. Hirons’ approval so you know it is good.  I use this in the evenings twice a week and take care to wear SPF the following morning.

Lastly working on the same resurfacing principle but with BHA and salicylic acid is the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant.  I have had this for ages but never used it (I was caught up in my torrid affair with the P50!)  This offers more polished, smoother, brighter skin.  I’m running out of adjectives but you get the gist.  So far, so good!

I’ve probably just jinxed myself but I really think the use of an exfoliating toner has helped keep my skin clear(er) I have even been getting away with wearing just the DiorSkin BB Crème and several people (okay two) have complimented me on my skin, neither of whom is my Mum!


  1. I'm currently using the Clarins one, because I can't get my hands on the P50V where I live...Caroline got us all:))xxx Anna

    1. Are you in the UK could you perhaps order it from Liberty in London?


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