The Skincare #7: Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub

Monday, 21 January 2013

A brand I have mentioned once or several times on LLA is Neom.  It started with their candles on which you can find more information here.  Then I bought the scrub.  And now? I just can’t look at all the other scrubs sitting unused in my bathroom in the same way.

This is a luxurious organic body scrub.  It makes each shower feel like a (swanky) spa experience. Seriously - imagine soft slippers, fluffy bathrobes, soothing music, low lighting and candles!  When the reality is more 6am Monday morning, cold and raining outside and you have to force yourself to get out of bed and into the shower before work!

It smells unbelievably good, with lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood.  It smells divine but isn’t at all heavy, as I find some products with essential oils can be too much and almost headache inducing?! Would someone please invent an app so I can convey how amazing this smells? Hours after I’ve used this, the smell still lingers on my skin.

This is really pampering and such a treat to use.  Application is fine as the essential oils bind the scrub together so it’s not messy at all.  The consistency is perfect as it is a sugar base but the presence of the oils means that it’s not too harsh on the skin but still exfoliates thoroughly.  This leaves my skin so soft that even during cold winter months when the skin on my body is typically dryer, I don’t need a cream after my shower.

I bought this from Arnotts but you can pick this up from the Neom website here and there are several other stockists online.  It costs £32 for a 332g tub which is great value for a product that truly delivers.


  1. The best kind of products are the ones that leave a lingering smell for hours! Lovely review.

    Lindsey x

    1. I'm addicted to it! Thanks for reading :)

  2. I need to try this, sounds great


  3. Wow. That looks amazing.

    It looks like what I need for all these months of indulgence and neglegeance!

    What a truly lovely blog.

    Take care x


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