The Fragrance #1: Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

There is nothing subtle about this one.  Not one for the faint of heart - or the office!

Smokey (in a rich, musky way, I don't mean a 20 Silk Cut Purple a day habit, kinda way!) fiery, sweet but addictive all the same.  The staying power of this eau de parfum is amazing.  It dries down perfectly.  The main notes are pipe tobacco, vanilla and cocoa.  The balance of tobacco and vanilla is good with neither one dominating.  It is rich without being overpowering and sweet without being sickly.

Like most Tom Ford products, this isn't cheap!  165 Euro in Brown Thomas for 50 ml but this will last a long time.  One spray is all that is required and will last all day.

Perfect for cold weather.  The only thing missing is your smoking jacket :)


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