The Shopping #3: Mulberry Sale

Monday, 31 December 2012

Well now that we’ve survived the end of the world woohoo!  I’m starting to look towards 2013.  I don’t normally make new year resolutions, actually I lie, I’ve often made them, it’s the keeping them I have trouble with…  I like to think that I can make changes any time throughout the year.  When made on NYE, they generally last as long as my hangover, hic…  Besides, how can I exercise more when the house is so warm and cosy and festive, I can barely leave the couch.  And eat healthily?  Puhlease, with all the Christmas treats about…

While I doubt I’ll ever succeed with the spend less one, I want to try to spend more wisely - quality over quantity.  And that my friends, is how I justified the purchase of this beauty - the Mulberry Mini Taylor Satchel is currently on it‘s way to me.  (Is there anything as satisfying as the “your order has been dispatched” email?)  I know I’ll just want to stay home and ahem pet it…I bought this from the sale.  See saving money already I am :)

What are your plans for this evening?  I my dreams I'd be quaffing grey goose cocktails somewhere fab, in reality, a few of us are going to a friends house for some food and drinks and I'll more than likely be asleep come midnight ;)

Whatever your plans, I hope you all have a healthy, happy & wonderful 2013.


  1. What a gorge bag! I'm such a fashion and beauty addict! I want hehe I'm def a new follower of your blog - could you take a peek and follow back please?
    Thank you
    Also catch me on Twitter as @Rachael_Haile

  2. It arrived today! *Happy Dance*

    Following now, your blog is fab :)

  3. You will love using it Hun It's such a fabulous bag x

  4. Ha it arrived yesterday but I haven't used it yet. After seeing it in your pic, I'm going to "bring it out" tomorrow :)


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