The Lips #1: MAC Lipstick Collection

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I recently bought some storage so while re-organising my makeup, I thought I’d go through my MAC lipstick collection.  There aren't too many, I have ten at the minute.  I had two more, Show Orchid and Viva Glam V.  Both of which melted during the summer so they tubes are stashed away waiting to be backed to MAC.

From left to right above:

  • Viva Glam Gaga 2 - amplified finish.  I have to say, I don’t reach for this to often.  It think this is a cool toned nude with more brown than pink.  As it is an amplified formula, it is very pigmented. I find that this gives me a concealer lip look - nice!  
  • Hue - glaze.  I love this, perfect everyday natural lipstick.  I wear this to work a lot.  It is comfortable to wear and is a pink toned nude that goes with every makeup look.
  • Patisserie - lustre.  The newest addition.  This is a sheer neutral shade.  I don’t find that lustre finishes give the most coverage but this could finally be the “my lips but better” lipstick.  Sheer and glossy.
  • Creme de Nude - cremesheen.  This is everything I wanted Viva Glam Gaga 2 to be.  I love the formula as I get dry lips and the cremesheens are very moisturising on the lips.  It is a peach toned nude.
  • Creme Cup - cremesheen.  Creme de Nude’s pinker sister ;)
  • Plumful - lustre.  A warm toned light plum.  Not too purple or red.  Can be worn sheer or built up for a darker finish.` This is what I wear when I’m too scared to wear Rebel out of the house!
  • Morange - amplified.  I love wearing this in the summer.  A very orange toned red.  It’s pigmented, bright and fun to wear.
  • Ruby Woo - matte.  A classic cool toned red.  I wear this when I want to pretend  I’m sophisticated and grown up :)  I find this very drying so have to apply lip balm liberally before use!
  • Impassioned - amplified.  A fun bright pink.  MAC describe this as an amped up fuchsia.  The amplified finish means it’s highly pigmented, creamy and I find them to be true to the colour in the bullet.
  • Rebel - satin.  A fairly new purchase too.  What can I say, MAC is my guilty pleasure.  Actually, I’m not guilty at all!  This is very pigmented and opaque.  It is a lovely berry/plum colour.  

When purchasing MAC lipsticks I am usually drawn to the colour and don’t pay too much attention to the finish, but if I had to pick I would say that cremesheen is my favourite formulation.  While my 16 year old self loved MAC, I have since found other brands that I like just as much, (unfortunately my bank balance doesn’t equal my love for Tom Ford lippies!) but MAC are great for their sheer range of colours.

If I was to recommend a lipstick to buy for someone that is new to the brand, I would suggest Hue.  It was my first MAC purchase so has a special place in my heart...

Apologies for the lighting, it was dull, dark and raining all day!

If there are any shades not featured that are favourites of yours, let me know!


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