The Edit #3: What's in my bag?

Friday, 30 November 2012

Continuing from the last post, who doesn't love a good (virtual) snoop?  I thought this post would be more aptly titled "What's not in my bag?" but actually, once I cleared out the gum wrappers and receipts (Zara and Starbucks, so that's were all my money goes!) it isn't too bad..

The bag itself is this one from Zara.  It's big enough to hold all the essentials and then some. Mary Poppins ain't got nothing on this...

The essentials:

Miu Miu Wallet:  I've had this for over a year now and it's starting to look a bit battered but I quite like the worn leather look.  This carries cards, far to many receipts and store loyalty cards.

Lulu Guinness Coin Purse:  I bought this to keep loose change in, to save the wallet getting ruined.  I also keep my keys in here too.

Umbrella:  What can I say, I live in Ireland.  This one is from good old Penneys, I refuse to buy expensive ones as I always lose them or they go inside out and break in the wind.

Travel Card Holder:  I picked this up in Reiss to keep my train ticket in.  Without it, I'm the rain!

Mini Deodorant & Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume:  For after those really packed, unpleasant train journeys.  I must pick up a Travalo or something rather than lugging this bottle of perfume around.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Makeup Bag:  To go through the contents would require a separate post! Why do I feel the need to cart around so many lip products?!

Denman Hairbrush:  To tackle the mess that is my hair if caught in the above mentioned rain :)

Lip Balm & Hand Cream:  This lip balm is one of my HG products for which I have proclaimed my love for here.  The hand cream is from L'Occataine and came as a freebie with Marie Claire.  This smells great and does the job.

Blackberry:  If not glued to my hand it's in the handbag.  I have had this for ages now but think I'm going to finally get an iPhone next.

So that's about it, generally I've gum, tissues and hand sanitiser in there too!  And for reference, magazines and spare shoes also fit...


  1. I never really thought about putting loose change / keys in a seperate little purse but I'm going to start doing this, makes so much sense :)

    1. It just stops the inside of the wallet getting torn from all the coins I usually have :)


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