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Monday, 31 July 2017

Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub Review
I recently repurchased the Dior Addict Nail Glow I owned it before and forgot how much I loved it. A multi-tasking product, it is a nail polish with a subtle hint of pink that works to correct yellowness and brighten the whites of your nails.  An understated, chic, less is more, my nails but better product for your nails.  Subtle but it makes my nails look a little more polished and "done."  Effortless and universally flattering a much loved Summer staple.  Forgiving of a speedy hand, this fast beauty fix enhances your natural nails to give them a high shine, healthy glow.  It dries quickly, the fat brush makes it a delight to apply and because it's imparts a sheer hint of colour any tip wear is barely detectable.  

I also purchased the Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub in 001.  I upped my lip scrub game from my usual Lush Bubblegum one to take lip scrub to a luxurious level.  I can suffer with dry lips year round and exfoliate daily.  A layer of this leaves preps your pout to reveal soft and smooth lips all with a soft pink stain.  I like that this is in a convenient and more hygienic twist tube/ stick rather than a pot and it allows for a fuss free application.  It smells great too, sweet but not sickeningly so.

Relaxed Summer nails and lips sorted.  What products have been delighted you recently?


  1. Thank you for this! Since I've started to pay more attention to my skin care as opposed to my makeup bag, I'm always looking for useful items to carry with me everywhere given my job. I like the idea of that nail varnish! I sometimes prefer my nails bare as well.


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