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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Clarins SOS Hydra Mask Review
A launch I'm especially excited about is the new line of targeted treatment masks from Clarins. Launching this month, the intensive masks hydrate, purify and nourish the skin.  I've been using Clarins SOS Pure and Clarins SOS Hydra Masks.  I adore these, they are a joy to use.  

SOS Hydra* is aimed at dehydrated skins - of all types!  While my main concern has always been oil control, I now know that my skin can suffer with dehydration too.  With hyaluronic acid this works to provide instant and lasting hydration.   With an immediate, transformative effect on the skin, the appearance of dehydration is visibly diffused.  I mostly use this on my cheeks and it leaves my skin feeling softer and looking plumper. This has a delicate gel-like texture and a fresh fragrant scent.

SOS Pure* is a clay mask targeted towards oily skin and is specifically formulated to cater to and address issues of large pores, uneven skin tone and shine.  This absorbs oil and refines and with consistent use helps me to maintain a clear, luminous complexion.  Think less shine/grease, more glow! Unlike other clay masks, this doesn't dry down and leave the skin feeling tight.  My skin looks fresher and healthier after using this.

According to Clarins, they rebalance in just 10 minutes!  Each mask contains potent plant extracts and are suitable for all skin types, depending on your primary skincare concern. The range also includes SOS Comfort which is an ultra rich, nourishing, balm-like mask for dry skin types.  The masks are €38 and will be available on counters and online

*PR Sample.


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