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Monday, 20 February 2017

Givenchy Inspired Boots
So I found the best studded biker boots.  Beautiful, studded, soft leather, strappy perfection.  The only problem is that they are the Givenchy Studded Leather Ankle Boots and are €1,045...  Now, while I can justify any skincare/beauty/makeup purchase (I only have one face!) and I do have a handful (literally, one hand!) of designer/high end handbags and accessories, these are just too expensive for me!  If I ever pay that much for boots, it'll be for the Chloe Susannas with gold hardware!  If they aren't too pricey for you, run they are in stock on Net a Porter and in Brown Thomas now.  

I actually picked them up and had serious notions but came to my senses and put them back before I completely lost the run of myself and found myself asking for my size!  So I needed to find dupes to feel the little Givenchy shaped hole in my heart.  I'm really sorry to do this but the ones I have seem to be sold out on the River Island website!  Maybe you'll be able to find them in stores!  Topshop had the Amy style boots which were the best dupe I've seen.  They completely sold out and there's now the Topshop Amy2 Studded Boots which doesn't have the stuffing around the bottom.  Or there are these the Office Lock Down Buckle Boots which are a great version too.

Statement boots that you can soften up the look of with a floral dress or toughen up with jeans and a leather jacket.  As they're flat, they are seriously comfortable too.  Yep, I think I've found the perfect biker boot.


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