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Monday, 24 October 2016

A tribute to my late father
I'd never make it as a big blogger.  I know, I know, Chiara Ferragni is somewhere out there breathing a sigh of relief ;) But nor do I want to.  My biggest dream (for now) would be to produce content and write full time and somehow turn my all encompassing passion for beauty and skincare into a full time job.  Wouldn't we all?  Seriously, some girls (wait, at 34 I have to admit that the jig is up and stop referring to myself as a girl don't I?) are for shoes and handbags, I'm ALL about skincare.  Admittedly, with one or two YSL handbags... Honestly, nothing makes me as happy or makes my heart sing more than perusing the new wares of Space NK, Cult Beauty et al.  When I die, scatter my ashes in the Brown Thomas beauty hall ;)  You know how there are personal shoppers for fashion and styling, well are beauty personal shoppers a thing?  I could totally make that my thing!

I recently started a new job, same industry but in a more corporate environment so no, my new colleagues would totally not understand my musings on makeup or appreciate the quest for the perfect nude nail polish.  And so I try to "blog" anonymously.  I say try, shout out to Amy!  Which is totally a hindrance.  I mean for me and my blog's organic growth.  Not for you guys, readers count yourselves lucky to be spared my face and awkward poses!!! I know right?  How devastating for you!  

But all joking aside, it probably makes things a little impersonal.  But with his 7th anniversary coming up, I've been thinking more and more about my Dad.  Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with tears (in Coffee Angel awks.)  There are no words that will even begin to describe how much we miss him.  Like my Mum and the rest of my family, he was a rugby fanatic.  He would be 76 today was always described as a gentleman, a hell of a cook, smart, kind and incredibly funny.  And for some rudely unannounced reason today, more than normal - I miss him.

I never typically publish long rambly more personal posts.  Keeping LLA for the important topics, you know, such as lipstick! ;)  Sorry, I hope you had tea, snacks, scheduled naps ;) But if there is anything you'd like to see on LLA, please leave a comment below, tweet me or find me on Insta'. 


  1. 💝💝 love your blog and I'm sure your dad would be super proud

  2. Ah your blog is awesome Michelle- sorry about your Dad I know it doesn't get easier with time xx big hugs. Could read your words all day xx


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