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Monday, 12 September 2016

Saint Laurent Tote

YSL Tote

Sophie Hulme Bowling Zip Top Bag

Today's post is on my designer handbag collection.  I use the term collection very, very loosely as there are three bags to talk about today.  Yes, three!  There have been one or two Mulberry bags in the past and the now infamous Alexander Wang Rocco bag but today, I'm giving you the run down on three that I love and use daily.

The one I use for work the Saint Laurent Shopper Tote bag in grey.  I carry this daily.  It is much loved and starting to show signs of wear and daily but this makes me love it more.  The straps are starting to fray as I'm an everything plus the kitchen sink kinda gal and with Saint Laurent embossing has all but worn away.  It has proved very durable.  This has a magnetic closure and contains a removable pouch but otherwise has no internal zips, pockets or compartments.  Functional but maybe not the most practical and I find that sometimes I take forever searching for things in there!

Another I use for work is the Sophie Hulme Bowling Bag.  I love the classic shape and structured finish. The gold hardware adds a little something extra without being distracting.  More secure as it has a zip top and internal pockets.  It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap but I carry this on the crook of my arm. Which can actually feel very heavy if you over fill the bag.

Lastly, a bag that I have until now only used for special occasions.  The Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Universit√© Medium Shoulder Bag.  I was afraid to do more than take it out of the dust bag and gaze adoringly at it beauty but it's been for brunch now, we're good.  Seriously though, gold hardware, classic YSL logo, soft leather, isn't she a beauty?  With an adjustable shoulder strap, a zipper and an open pocket.


  1. Three beauties- my love for handbags is kike a sickness no matter what I save and buy I always want more (covers face in shame)

    Siobhan xx


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