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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

La Mer The Hand Treatment Review

Please accept my apologies for the protracted delay in publishing any posts!  I know, I know 
but I've recently started a new job so things have been a bit hectic chez LLA but I'm back now so blogging (beauty spam) continues! Today's post is on a one of my favourite hand creams La Mer The Hand Treatment.

I've never been particularly faithful to or enamoured of one hand cream until now. It delivers on scent without compromising on hydration.  Delightfully non greasy.  It absorbs easily, leaving my hands smooth and soft.  This rich cream envelops the skin in a comforting blanket of moisture.  One of the most softening creams I've tried, providing an instant injection of moisture.  Also, it is a product you could apply in lieu of perfume.  It's fresh scent lingers throughout the day.  It smells dreamy and while strong it's not overpowering.  

Definitely a luxe offering but you'll know from posts like this and this that I'm a huge fan of La Mer. An indulgent offering, this is not the hand cream to slather on generously.  Although if I could afford to, I'd marinate in the stuff!  I'm looking forward to using La Mer The Hand Treatment during the colder months (or you know our Irish Summer) to soothe and relieve even the worst Winter chapped hands.


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