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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Topshop Kingdom Shoes
Probably not the timeliest of posts but today's post is new shoes of beauty that I managed to pick up in the Topshop sale!  I never, ever find anything good on sale!  Other people manage to nab bargains and I typically bypass the sale rail and head straight to the new in section!  Much to my bank account's dismay...

These are the Topshop Kingdom Ghillie Shoes.  They are 100% leather, flat with a pointed toe and beautiful.  Originally €88, then €52 and now an incredible €26!!!  Get these to your nearest store! Run, run, run!  Or you know, follow the link...  Part let us gaze upon these gorgeous new shoes/part public service announcement post.  I bloomin' love these.  I originally bought these thinking they would be perfect paired with black trousers and a blouse for the office but I've been wearing them as part of my skin jeans, over sized COS top weekend uniform too.

As they are real leather, they are super soft and comfortable.  I was worried that the heels might hurt but I haven't had an blister related issues breaking them in.  Off duty chic?  The latest addition to my weekend wardrobe sorted.


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