A Splurge in Saint Laurent

Friday, 9 October 2015

saint laurent shopper tote
So apparently on Friday's we make poor (exciting) financial decisions.  I found myself in Brown Thomas one evening recently.  Of course I did.  And I bought a bag.  Eek...  So please say hello, to my new love and the sole reason for my beans on toast diet for the foreseeable future.  I bought a the Saint Laurent Shopper Tote in grey.

I don't know what came over me, what can I say, it had been a long and busy week so I decided to throw money at the problem.  Instead of the odd G&T?  While a Saint Laurent is definitely a serious splurge for me (my budget is more high street than haute couture!) I could justify my feeling spendy sesh as I haven't bought a new handbag since I got this Sophie Hulme one last year.  It has the signature YSL charm attached and the front of the bag is embossed with the signature "Saint Laurent Paris."   My other handbags have always been more structured, with zips and several pockets but I love that this is so minimalistic.  I've been using this large, roomy tote at the weekends as it suits my Mary Poppins -esque, everything including the kitchen sink nature!  Durable leather and large enough to fit a laptop and documents, it would also be suitable for work.  I was worried about keeping valuables secure but it closes with a magnetic snap closure and has a removable zip pouch inside too.  Which I found also works as a small clutch! 

Most of the bags I own are black but I love the soft grey for Autumn/Winter.  I simply adore this handbag!  If the Saint Laurent Shopper is not a thing of buttery soft leather beauty, then I don't know what is. 


  1. She's soooooooo pretty! The perfect nightaway/carry on or work bag! LOVE xx Siobhan

  2. Stunning! Such a gorgeous shade - in love. What a timeless investment. Enjoy!


  3. omg I LOVE this!!!! I absolutely do not need another bag but I want this so so badly!!!

    Lis x



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