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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Office Immortal Metal Heeled Boots Review
An unscheduled break in beauty and skincare blog post publishing to talk about style today. Or really just to give me an opportunity to gush about my new boots!  Because you know, stroking the leather and gazing at them adoringly just wasn't cutting it.  And I think security were going to ask me to leave the shop...  But seriously, how beautiful are these? I know I'm a fan of alliteration but can you describe boots as beautiful...

These are the Office Immortal Metal Heeled Boots.  They are a simple yet classic style that work really well with my go-to skinny jeans. The silver hardware adds a little somethin' somethin' to them and they make a change from my usual Chelsea boots.  They make my casual COS top and skinny jean combo look more put together and stylish?  I know, I use that word very loosely. Almost flat with a block heel, as Grandma here is all about comfort for running about during the day.  (By running I mean wearing to and from work and all day as I sit at my desk, but you know what I mean!) I'd love to be one of those girls who can wear heels all day but Bambi on Ice!  These are made of the softest leather and are probably the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.  And as they're from Office, note too pricey and I know they'll last for ages.

Ridiculous rave review of boots over with, it'll be back to all things beauty on later this week!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! :)

    Lis x


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