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Friday, 23 October 2015

I love Autumn Tag
Thank you to the lovely Edel from The Pharmer's Journal who tagged me in The Autumn Tag. I'm sure you're all already avid readers of her blog but if not, go check it out!

1. Favourite Lip Product?
I've been wearing MAC Plumful and MAC Brave, I always go for dark reds and berry shades in the colder months. Shocker! I'm not as brave as I should be so can confirm that dark plum tones look great for nights out or equally as awesome worn avec PJs around the house...

2. Favourite Autumn Nail Colour?
I'm really excited for Chanel's Rouge Collection to launch next month as I want to pick up some of the nail polishes from that range but one of my all time top three shades is Chanel Rouge Noir and I love lacquering up with that once Autumn rolls around.

3. What's your favourite drink?
I feel like this is blogger blasphemy but I'm not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Sp while not the healthiest of options I have to go with hot chocolate! I've taste tested them all and can confirm that the one from Le Petit Parisien on Wicklow Street is the best. Expect OOTD posts featuring baggy clothes and elasticated trousers come January ;) After reading Edel's tag, I really want to try Hot Port now too. I have been known to have the odd Hot Whiskey for medicinal purposes when the annual Christmas cold strikes.

4. What's your favourite scent/candle?
Not very seasonal but I'm currently burning Jo Malone's Sweet Almond & Macaroon candle. It's a gorgeous sweet but not sickly, warming scent that lingers throughout the house.

5. Favourite Make Up Look?
Other than swapping over to darker nail and lipstick shades, I don't switch up my make up too much. I'll wear more dewy bases, anything to banish dull Winter skin and give it a bit more of a glow. It's also the only time of year when I'll wear a more shimmery, glitter nail until it comes to removing the polish and I remember why I never normally wear it...

6. Favourite Autumn Accessory?
I have to go with scarves too. The bigger and more blanket like the better. Pricey for me but my Acne Canada scarf was one of my best buys. I love the idea of wearing capes too and have a gorgeous one from Topshop but fear that I look like I have a picnic blanket casually draped over my shoulders each time I wear it...

7. Favourite Autumn Movie/TV Show?
I don't have a fave film but it's around about this time that I wonder when exactly is too early to crack out the Christmas ones... I have to admit I love nothing more than coming home from work in the evenings, makeup off, PJs on and settling down on the sofa, lighting candles and having the fire on while (binge) watching TV shows. Grandma! So I'm happy that The Walking Dead has returned.

8. Favourite Autumn Clothing?
My go to outfit is generally skinny jeans, chunky boots and knitwear! A Fashion Blogger I'll never be :) I love wearing cosy and comfy knits in Autumn. Zara and COS are knitwear heaven right now.

9. Favourite Autumn Sweets?
Is this were I have to pretend that I don't eat junk during the other three seasons? Oops...

10. Favourite Halloween Costume?
Boring but true, most of my costumes have been along the lines of; dress in all black, draw on whiskers with eye liner variety! Although I've recently chopped off a good 5 inches off my hair and fear that if I curl it, I could totally go as orphan Annie this year!

11. What is your Favourite thing about Autumn?

I love, love, lurrve Autumn! Beauty wise, the fact that it's not as humid and my hair isn't a ball of frizz, that my t-zone isn't as oily! I also love the excuse to drink lots of hot chocolate and wrap up in warm cosy clothes, eat far too many carbs and while I light candles all year round, I especially like burning them in the Autumn/Winter evenings. I also like seeing the leaves change colour and that Christmas (yeah, I said the C word!) is just around the corner.

Thanks again to Edel for including me!  I tag anyone who loves Autumn!


  1. Love! I'm actually on my way in to town now so gonna try out that Jo M candle - sounds fab! I'm a total Plumful gal as well xo



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