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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Space NK Haul
So I went shopping.  I left the office to quickly grab some lunch.  And ended up in Space NK. Standard. I know, I know, that old excuse.  It gets me every time dammit.  But it has been awhile since I last splurged in Space NK as seen here!  Here's what I picked up:

I repurchased my beloved This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray.  I had run out and hadn't bought a new one straight away but after a few nights of broken sleep I knew that I needed this in my life and on my pillow once more!  I'm sure it's part placebo effect but this guarantees the best night's sleep of your life.  Take THAT Sunday Night Fear, the scent alone makes me feel restful! 

I've lost count at this stage of the number of times of repurchased this but another Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm was added to my basket.  I won't rave about it too much as I have penned several rave-y posts on it already like this one here.  But this is HG for me.  Lip balms don't get much better than this.

My old ones are starting to look a bit grubby so I bought a fresh packet of the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Professional Cleansing Mitts.  I prefer to use these over muslin clothes when cleansing. One side is softer and the other is coarser for light exfoliation.  

The last thing I picked up was a treat, I can't claim that this is essential but I bought the perfume oil version of Diptyque Do Son fragrance in a handy, travel/handbag friendly rollerball.  When it comes to Diptyque's scents, I love Philosykos but wanted to try something different.  I'm sure a full review will pop up here soon.


  1. I haven't tried the Sarah chapman mitts, but I'm firmly in love with the Emma Hardie cloths. I might give these ones a try next!
    The Beauty Bloss

  2. I've not tried any of these, I love Space NK when I'm feeling rich :)

    Rosy |


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