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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Kérastase Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry Hair
For almost two years now, my hair care routine has been made up solely of products from (new to me) brands like Living Proof and Oribe (damn you, Space NK!) but long before my obsession with Oribe started I had a lot of love for Kérastase.

I rekindled that love recently with two new purchases.  I suffer with mild psoriasis from time to time. It's mostly near my hair line and it usually flairs up if I'm run down, sick or stressed.  As I don't suffer with it too badly, it never really bothers me but can be a nuisance.  Recently, while getting my hair done, my stylist recommended that I purchase the Kérastase Bain Exfoliant Hydratant Shampoo.  I use this every time I get a flare up on my scalp and this sorts out any dry patches after one or two washes.  It's super moisturising too so I can use this in place of my regular shampoo as it doesn't dry out the ends of my hair.  To condition, I've been slathering on a generous amount of the Kérastase Lait Vital.  This conditioner is specifically for dry hair, it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking smooth but not at all heavy.  

Not only do they work and work well.  The other thing I love about this duo of forgotten favourites is the smell!  These smell Ah-mazing!  The scent lingers and I can catch it every time I move my hair/head.  I reminds me of getting my hair salon blow dried!  If only I could afford that luxury more often... 


  1. i used to use this shampoo all the time until it stopped working for me! i love the little scrubby beads in it!


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