The Fringed Sandal

Monday, 27 July 2015

Zara Tri Colour Sandal with Fringe OOTD
Today's post is a break away from all things skincare and beauty and on the latest wardrobe update. Yes, yes, I've been shopping again.  Bold I know, I'll give myself a virtual slap on the wrist.  I saw these on Nessa's Instagram here and knew I needed them.  Yes, needed.  A lunch-time dash to Zara happened yesterday and I got my mitts on their Tri-Colour Sandal with Fringe.

How gorgeous are these heels?  Summer in a shoe!  Of course, being the neutral lover that I am I like the tan and beige colours and then the yellow and grey gives them a little somethin' somethin'. Fringing is huge at the moment and while I'm not sure if I can pull off the fringe jackets and waistcoats that are out, I like the detailing on these shoes.

I think these are the perfect dressy, shoe.  Me being me, I'll end up pairing these with an all black outfit (of course I will) but I think these will look fab with white jeans too.  While high, I own a few pairs of heels from Zara so I hope that these aren't too uncomfortable.  The fact that they have zips at the back, makes them easier to walk in too.  I'm really happy with these, they look beautiful on!

I promise no more shopping for clothes or shoes!  Well, until the next haul pops up...


  1. I love these! :)

    Lis x

  2. These are gorgeous, I'm having a real shoe moment at the moment they're all I can think about!

    Rosy |


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