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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

An Introduction to Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare

Let's just call this post, Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare - a love story. I have been blow away by everything that I have tried from this brand and  it feels like their products were made especially for my skin.  You know when you find a brand that is just perfect for you and your skin?  For me, this is it! You may have seen past rave reviews here on LLA including the one where I proclaim my love for the Ultimate Cleanse here.  Today's most is on some other products from the line that I cannot be without:

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial probably the most well know product by them.  A cult classic, much hyped and deservedly so.  If your skin needs something with a little more oomph - this tackles dry patches and sorts out lack lustre, uneven skin tone a treat.  I can suffer with hormonal breakouts but this hasn't caused any blemishes. 

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skintone Perfecting Booster this serum has improved the texture of my skin.  More of a serum like consistency compared to the Overnight Facial which has a richer almost oil like texture.  I cleanse, tone and apply a liberal layer of this almost yellow tinted gel/serum hybrid all over my face as part of my evening skincare routine.  In the mornings, my skin is bright, plump and soft.  

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Eye Recovery is the latest product added to my stash.  You can read the full review here.  Not to greasy, it works just as well as a de-puffing, eye bag reducing (technical terms) base under make up in the morning, as it does applied as a hydrating treatment at night.  

When it comes to clothes etc., my budget is definitely high-street with a few more expensive accessories but I don't mind investing when it comes to skincare (as seen in my many, many trips to Space NK!) I'm running out of adjectives to describe how impressed I am with everything I have tried so far but you get the gist!


  1. I really want to try this range I see makeup monster was writing about the cleanser this morning. I'll have to save a few euros and invest!

  2. I've only used the overnight cream and frickin loved it - great brand! Totally agree with you on making investments where they're needed!
    Siobhan xx

  3. I've only tried the Overnight & Morning Facial so far, but loved them both. Would like to try the Hydrating Booster next! xx


  4. The Sarah Chapman brand has some amazing products. Overnight (and Morning) facial are two of my favourite oils. I have been wanting to try out the Ultimate Cleanse so I'm off to read your review!
    The Beauty Bloss


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