Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour #727 Lavanda

Monday, 25 May 2015

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour #727 Lavanda

The warmer weather just calls for something like this to be lacquered on.  I know cheating on my beloved neutral nail polish hues and I love it!  I picked up Chanel Le Vernis 727 Lavanda to add to my utterly ridiculous nail polish collection.  

Looking darker in the bottle, this is a creamy deep royal purple. A stunning shade, it's unlike anything I already own, Tenderly is more brown.  Two coats applied and perfectly rich opaque and this dries to a high shine almost jelly finish.  While I generally prefer a wider brush, what I like about Chanel's offerings is that they apply evenly and are rarely gloopy.  I'm sure it's easily dupeable and we've all read the less than glowing reviews about Chanel's lasting power but I'm a die hard fan and think the formula has improved.  I'm on day 3 and currently chip free!  

Potentially knocking Orange Fizz off it's post, a fun colour, it is now a strong contender for my ultimate summer colour!   Part of the Summer 2015 collection, you can pick this up from Chanel counters now should you wish to stock pile Chanel nail polish shades too ;)


  1. Ohh what a lovely colour!. When I first looked at the picture I thought it was a gel polish - It looks so nice ! :) And the fact that it doesn't chip immediately is great ;)

    Caitriona | Blog

  2. Ah it's so pretty, I love Orange Fizz too. Looks great with Azur on top... Perfect!
    Siobhan xx


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