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Friday, 29 May 2015

Styling Trainers
Just so we're clear, this post has absolutely nothing to do with fitness and what type of trainers/runners are suitable for which workout...  I'm not at all qualified to discuss that - sorry!  I have an old pair of Nike Free Runs that I wear to pilates class or for dog walking and the (sporadic) run/jog/fast walk! But I appear to be amassing quite the collection of trainers so thought I would talk about them today.

If you have read LLA for awhile now, you'll know that my go-to ahem look, as seen here (I use that word very loosely!) is an oversized COS top, black skinny Topshop Jamie or Leigh jeans and boots during Winter and Sandals when/if the weather improves.  See it's not just my awkwardness in photos that stops me ever trying to become a fashion blogger!  That coupled with the fact that I've only recently become familiar with the gym meant that I never had a real need for trainers.  Until now, when I have been fully embracing casual Fridays and swapping my Chelsea boots for something flat.

Swapping my boots for something flat and oh so comfortable.  I have battered old Converse that I wear at the weekend or to run errands.  (Again, I'm not actually running anywhere.) Two pairs of Nikes that don't look too relaxed and lastly I jumped on the band wagon and bought some Adidas Stan Smiths.  Comfy, throw on and go-with everything and dare I saw it, not too casual.  I think trainers look great paired with a nice-er top, skinny jeans and a bit of ankle on show.


  1. Love the Nikes! Runners are so in at the moment. have a great weekend.
    Siobhan xx


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