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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Chanel Nail Polish Collection
So you may have seen my latest post on a new nail polish purchase, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish #727 Lavanda, and as I was describing it, I was saying how I know that Chanel nail polishes don't have the best reputation but that I really like them.  With the exception of one or two shades, I haven't had any issues with their consistency.  

I definitely think that the formula has been improving with each collection but on me personally, I find that it isn't gloopy or streaky.  I typically apply two coats and I get a full opaque finish.  They dry down to a high shine and lasting power is impressive too.  I use a base and top coat and can go a few days without tip wear.  I think Chanel always bring out beautiful shades, in classic packaging and formula and coverage are impressive too.

So for full disclosure purposes, when I say, that I really (die-hard fan) like Chanel nail polishes, you can rest assured that I'm not just trying to get you to buy whatever hue I'm harping on about in a particular post and I can do so given that I seem to have built up (curated) quite the collection...



  2. Whoa, look at all that Chanel! I'm not a huge polish collector mainly because I get my nails done every couple weeks and prefer the longevity of Shellac (read: I'm a lazy ass who can't be bothered to paint my nails) I do have a few Chanels though and I don't have a problem with them. I have Tenderley, Particuliere, Coco Blue and Khaki Vert. All gorgeous xx

    The Beauty Bloss

  3. I adore Chanel makeup, but I've never actually tried their nail polishes before. I've only heard bad things about the formula, which is what has put me off from handing over almost £20 for something I might've been disappointed by, no matter how beautiful it looks! But, it sounds like I might need to give them a try, especially those stunning reds!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  4. I love their polishes too. Lotus Rouge will always be my fav!
    Siobhan xx

  5. I do love a Chanel nail polish but a few months back I was so disappointed with the formula I vowed never to buy one again. Then I discovered the most amazing Top Coat which now means I can wear Chanel again!

    Victoria x


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