Dior Vernis 210 Yacht

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dior Vernis 210 Yacht Nail Polish Review and Swatches

The minute I saw this, I knew I had to add it to my stash, I mean I've nothing similar in my collection.... *This may be a lie.*  Yes another neutral nail polish.  What can I say, I'm weak and nothing if not consistent.  Dior Vernis in #210 Yacht is the latest addition to my utterly ridiculously growing number of nude nail polishes.

Part of the Summer 2014 collection, Yacht is another nude, grey, beige blend.  Of shades I already own, it's similar to Essie Sand Tropez and slightly less grey than Chanel Frenzy.  A colour without that blue or green base that I find a lot of grey toned polishes have.  I only have a few (mostly grey hued as it happens) Dior polishes but I absolutely love the formula of these.  I don’t know why I don’t buy more of their offerings.  (Actually, I do, it’s because I keep getting caught up in the hype over the latest Chanel releases!)  

The brush is wide so it gives good coverage but means it can be difficult to get it perfect near the cuticle. Two coats and it is opaque and it dries to a high shine, rich finish.  On one hand at least! I can’t be the only person who can paint one hand perfectly and then the other one, well not so great...  I can get up to five days (with a OPI Nail Envy as a base and Seche Vite topcoat) before there are any signs of chipping.  The neutral lover that I am, I simply adore this and have been wearing it non stop or the last few weeks.


  1. LOVE this, I'm getting it...for sure!

    Lis xxx


    1. I'm just too emotionally invested in a neutral nail... :)

  2. I have never bought a Dior polish before. I'm with you on the gravitational pull of the Chanel counter..
    Siobhan xx

    1. I only own a few but like the wide brush on them :)


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