Paige Denim Jeans

Friday, 27 February 2015

Paige Denim Hoxton Jeans

Paige Hoxton Ultra Skinny Jeans

It's no coincidence that this blog is primarily beauty based.  Driven by my eternal quest for perfect skin, my heart lies with skincare (and then make up to conceal and camouflage, when the skincare doesn't work!)  This post is just another fine example of why I could never ever be a fashion blogger, there's only so many variations of boots, skinny jeans and an oversized top (usually from COS) that I could come up with!  That and my inability to pose any way other than awkward!  I literally live in skinny jeans.  So today I thought I'd show you the latest addition to the collection.  The Paige Denim Hoxton Ultra Skinny High Rise jean.

For years, I have lived in Topshop jeans.  First the Jamie and then the Leigh styles.  Both are styles that I love but remember that little resolution of mine whereby I try to buy less but buy better? Well, that's how this purchase came about.  I digress, onto the jeans.  These remind me of Topshop's Leigh jeans.  They are slightly higher waisted, super skinny and that same lighter material so they are really comfortable to wear.  I bought them in black (of course I did) but I wear black jeans year round and think that these are a classic addition to my denim drawer. Yes, it has become a whole drawer!  They have the standard zip and button fastening with pockets at the sides and back.  The placement of the pockets mean that these are super flattering on.  What I love about these is that they have retained their shape so haven't stretched!  No baggy knees here! More importantly, they haven't faded as with some high street brands I felt like they would fade to grey after a few washes so I would have to keep repurchasing.

I'm not too sure how my resolution is going, I think I'm just rattling off the the whole buy less but buy better thing to myself to try and justify more expensive purchases!  But these are now a wardrobe staple that I'll get lots of wear out of and I'm glad I finally took the plunge and invested.


  1. Ah these are amazing. Well wear! You're dead right about investments xx


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