Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash

Friday, 13 February 2015

uplifting body wash

There are not many purchases I can't justify.  I'm not sure whether I'm proud or ashamed about that... But when it comes to body wash as it's literally going down the drain, even I typically buy whatever is on 3 for 2 in Boots but sometimes to ease that Monday morning fear, it's nice to have something a little bit more luxurious to use in the shower or to bribe myself with to stop abusing the snooze button and actually get up and get into that shower...

That's where the Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash comes in.  It's an invigorating wake-up call in a bottle. Perfect for when you're sleepy and struggling in the morning.  This is warming and uplifting.  Use this in the shower and you'll be ready to take on Monday before you've even thought of your venti coffee!  This smells divine.  The nice lady in Molton Brown assured me that it is indeed unisex.  For perfume, I wear Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, I'm not generally one for overly sweet scents.  This is warming, woody and musky.  If you're a fan of more floral fragrances, this may not be the one for you.  Maybe try something like this JO Malone one.  Unlike cheaper washes this doesn't leave my skin feeling dry.  Who has time to get out of the shower and start faffing about with body lotion at that ungodly hour! Also, because of its thicker consistency it sticks to the skin more so I use less when lathering up.  My skin is left soft, cleansed and the scent lingers.

Sometimes at 6.00am on a Monday morning, I just need something with a bit more of a kick you know?


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